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FBC Mortgage, LLC Premiers New Technology, Gives Loan Pre-Approval in 10 Minutes or Less

Mortgages Don’t Need to be Confusing with FBC Mortgage, LLC’s

 Orlando, Fla. (December 16, 2016) – In an age where technology is king, nomadic lifestyles are trendy, and everyone is on the go, who has the time to look for a home, let alone apply for a mortgage?

The Co-CEO’s of FBC Mortgage, LLC (“FBC”) Joe and Rob Nunziata, asked themselves the same thing.

Today’s technologically-driven world has outdated the old process of filling out a paper mortgage application, and people want to move into their new homes quicker than ever. The Nunziata’s, along with their I.T. teams at FBC, came up with a simple solution to the old-fashioned issues of applying for a mortgage –

“Like many industries, the mortgage industry is taking on a more technological approach, and FBC is no exception,” states Rob Nunziata. “The future of the loan industry is in accessibility and ease for the customer. At FBC, our goal is to make the mortgage experience simple and enjoyable.” is an online mortgage application that takes a potential borrower from application to pre-approval in less than 10 minutes. It’s easy to access from any type of device – tablet, phone, or laptop. One might think, “This sounds familiar…” However, SimpleLoan is what it says it is – simple. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

In about 10 minutes, a possible homeowner can upload his/her paystubs, W-2 forms, and bank statements – the electronic verification from the employment agencies and thousands of financial institutions connected to SimpleLoan reduces the need for applicants to provide the physical document. can also pull credit and run automated underwriting on the spot.

Unlike other mortgage companies, also ties an applicant to a real loan officer who will work on a loan from origination to completion.

Once an applicant has been “pre-approved,” they can see the status of their loan through a Borrower Portal. They can see messages from their loan officer via email, text, or phone. The customer can decide the preferred communication method.

SimpleLoan is certainly borrower friendly, but just how friendly is it for others involved in the process?

For realtors and/or builders working with a borrower, they also have their own portals that are accessible on any device. Once an applicant is pre-approved, they can begin the process by sending an email of the pre-approval to their realtor or builder. Communication can continue throughout the loan process since the referral partner will have access to the loan’s progress as well.

Ease and immediacy are consumers’ favorite things – so why not make a mortgage the same way? FBC’s is just the first step in how the company can make the mortgage process great for customers and partners. With the industry heading in this direction, FBC plans to only make things easier – more simple – for everyone involved.


 About FBC Mortgage

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