Jim Lewis knew he wanted to be a mortgage professional right out of college, after graduating with a finance degree. He started in the industry in 1987, and has decades of experience advising agents and their buyers. A natural numbers guy, there is not a problem he is not willing to tackle and solve. Jim shows genuine empathy for what his clients experience and does not take for granted that they share private and personal information with him during the mortgage process. He approaches all of his transactions with character and competence. Jim’s clients care most about planning for the future and about making wise financial decisions. Known to be trustworthy and professional, Jim provides his clients with the confidence they need to achieve those goals by communicating timeframes and not cutting corners. Because Jim sees each client as a lifelong relationship, he provides his clients with a network of professional referrals that helps them in every step of the buying process. Jim is committed to the FBC Mortgage, LLC team, and wants his co workers to remember him as a good guy, who did the best he could and showed up one hundred percent every day. He believes that success is doing the best you can in the timeframe given with the resources you have, and he approaches every day from that perspective.